visualize cell populations at nanometer resolution in 4D

“label free”

Lensless 360° Holotomography

Using patented 360° rotational mechanism similar to CT scan, Enlighter can image and record biological activities inside cells without fluorescent labeling. Lensless design enables to image of much larger areas compared to other solutions.


Using refractive index distribution inside cells, images can be taken using holographic methods without any fluorescence labeling.

4D Imaging

Holographic images from different angles are reconstructed digitally, similar to CT. This technique enables to record organelles, like nucleus and mitochondria, inside cells in 3D.


Without optical focusing elements like lenses and objectives, ultra wide viewing area can be realised.

Use Cases


Sperm reproductive ability can be analyzed non-invasively.

Drug R&D

Cytotoxicity analysis of newly developed drugs can be realized for 2-3 days without any labeling.


Different types of cells in a blood sample can be characterized.

CAD Prototype

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